Additional Biblio Information from excel

  • Shamim Reza

    Shamim Reza - 2012-05-01

    We want to automate our library by OpenBiblio. We have register books which has the written information about the books. We already entry the data in excel by outsourcing. I want to import the books information in Openbiblio Databse. It is possible to import data to “biblio” table by using MarcEdit 5.8.
    But “biblio_field” table’s data (year, price etc) is not possible for me to import from excel.
    Please help us.

  • David G

    David G - 2012-05-01

    The way I did this was import a few records in to OB and then edit the excel to match the mysql format and then use mysql workbench to import the text file (csv) to OB. Was trial and error method but worked for me. I also imported all my students the same way rather than entry by entry.


  • Hans van der Weij

    Haven't used MarcEdit myself a lot, but I think it should be possible to produce a MARC file with the tags/subfields that correspond to year, price, etc. If these tags (260 $c, 020 $c or 541 $h, etc.) are in the MARC file produced by MarcEdit, then OpenBiblio should be able to import these data.

    The MarcEdit Delimited Text Translator allows users to custom define the field/subfield relationship, indicators and ending termination of the field/subfield for each delimited data cell.

    (you can forget about indicators when importing into OpenBiblio 0.7.1 or older - not suported)



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