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removing MARC fields doesn't work

  • Orso

    Orso - 2009-02-17


    I wanted to remove MARC fields, because I don't need them for my library. It's a self service library and we just need a few infos about our books. That's why I 'd like to use just the fields we require.

    I tried to do this (Docu information):

    Edit file /catalog/biblio_fields.php Look for the section where lines start with <?php printUsmarcInputText(

        * Removing a field: Comment line out by changing into <?php //printUsmarcInputText(
    When I do so, those fields starting with // are still there.

    I'd like to remove for example all fields concerning Library of Congress and Dewey Classification in all sites.

    Help is welcome!

    TIA! Clemens

    • Hans van der Weij

      Hello Clemens,

      I think you followed the instructions on correctly. I'm afraid that the instructions failed to explain that they are about removing MARC fields from the Bibliography New and Edit pages (Cataloging tab). The OPAC page with Bibliography Information and Additional Bibliographic Information will still show all fields for a bibliography.

      To make the changes you want, you can:
      * Run a query on the database to remove all fields you don't need (permanently).
      * Change the code in /shared/biblio_view.php so that it only shows the fields you need in the OPAC (but the fields would remain in the database).

      Can't go into more detail. Sorry.

    • Neil

      Neil - 2009-02-24

      Hi Clemens,

      My use of Openbiblio is the same as yours and I was wanting to do the same action of removing some of the MARC Fields.

      System: Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) Openbiblio (0.6.1)

      I managed to solve this by editing the /catalog/biblio_fields.php in the following manner -
      - identify the MARC field code (see list when trying to add a new MARC field to a specific material type) used in the lines beginning with <?php printUsmarcInputText(
      - delete those lines that you do not want (reverse of adding new fields)

      I do not know if this will cause problems with future updates or the upload MARC field option.
      However, if your use is purely in-house (like mine) I think this should be ok  (I hope)

      I have run with this for a few hours now (logged in and out several times) and there appears to be no problem. The bibliography entry field is customised and compact

      Hope this helps

      • psuarz

        psuarz - 2009-02-24

        Hi Clemens and Neil:

        There's no problem if you delete that lines, because the upload Marc field and the other functions don't need that part of the code. You don't have to worry about that. If you change your mind and want to use that marc fields in the future, you can add them using the AddMarcField function.




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