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Uploading Call Numbers

  • schalldp

    schalldp - 2009-11-19

    I'm new to openbiblio. I'm trying to migrate a small library (4500 records) from an SQL database into openbiblio. I can convert the data to MARC using Marcedit, but I'm having trouble uploading the call numbers so they display in openbiblio. I think dewey numbers are typically assigned to the 082 MARC tag, but this does not seem to be where openbiblio is reading them from. When I upload with 082 tags, it shows up in the MARC fields, but not in the "call number" field at the top. How do I upload local call numbers?

  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2009-11-19

    I noticed the same thing when writing the original version of LookUp back in days of ver 0.3. Its still today. Local call numbers are not provided for in the MARC schem of things except in those local use only fields. In Openbiblio, the call numbers are a user choice and for now you will have to enter them by hand after the fact unless you write SQL code to copy from your current tables to the OpenBiblio table 'biblio'. You will find 3 call_nmbr  fields, which you may use any way you wish. In lookup I break either the LoC or Dewey call nmbrs into parts and place each in a seperate table column. But you may choose to have up to 3 seperate call nmbrs for each biblio entry. Or anything else you like.  Openbiblio will display whatever you put there, but does not use Call Nmbrs for any purpose I can think of.

    The comming version 1.0 will be pretty much the same in this area.

    Fred LaPlante

  • schalldp

    schalldp - 2009-11-20

    I did a little more looking around online and found out that the current MARC 21 does indeed use tag 082 for dewey decimal classification. There are two subfields that are typically used, $a (dewey decimal number) and $b (cutter number). There's a good explanation of the tag usage here from . I also checked a handful of records at the Library of Congress and saw that they use 082 for the dewey number as well.

    I further found an openbiblio patch  that appears to add exactly the functionality I'm looking for. All I would have to do is edit the patch to look at tag 082 instead of 050. That is, if the patch works in 0.6.1. Has anyone used this patch and can verify that it works?


  • schalldp

    schalldp - 2009-11-23

    I think I've made further progress in solving my problem. I examined the patch that I mentioned in my previous post. In 0.6.1 using the "patch" command did not work (I think the line numbers are wrong for 0.6.1 in the patch). I was, however, able to look at the patch code and apply the changes manually to 0.6.1. It appears to have worked. Now when I upload MARC records, OpenBiblio will pull the Dewey number from the 082$a and 082$b fields and automatically apply it to the call number display. I suspect I can further edit the patch to pull from the 082$2 MARC field as well and put it in the third slot of the call number field.

  • Mark Downey

    Mark Downey - 2012-05-21

    Hi. I have openbiblio version 0.5 and 8500 records I would like to move from a marcedit file. I've done this successfully except for the call number issue, above. I wasn't sure how to apply the patch, so am stuck. Not a computer programmer, but good with Excel and I can do some basic PhP programming.

    What should I do with the patch. Have been sitting on this for months. Want to upgrade but not on current ISP plan I think.

  • Mark Downey

    Mark Downey - 2012-06-26

    Thanks for the very clear advice. Was able to easily identify I needed to use the SQL commands. The conversion worked perfectly on the records. Now I feel confident to do a bit more SQL.



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