Change the field attribute

  • Maksim

    Maksim - 2012-05-23

    Dear All:
        I am a new user of openbiblio, i want to build an Inventory system, consider Inventory system is really simulate to the library system, so i choose openbiblio. Nevertheless, some field of the catalog is not suitable for my usage, so i want to ask for help to change the field attribute, Please help me !! >,<

  • Maksim

    Maksim - 2012-05-24

    Please help me, should i modify the MARC file !? I want to add some specific fields likes S/N device models etc. Please give me suggestion.

  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2012-05-24

    Treat each product as a book with a descriptive name, its support person as the author and little else.
    Then make each item (or package) in inventory a copy or that product. There is no limit to the number of copies you can have for each book.
    Use 'copy fields' under admin to add special fields like serial number, price, quantity, etc.

    Fred LaPlante

  • Maksim

    Maksim - 2012-05-28

    Thanks you very much, i just simply change the Database field item !!



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