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Can't place hold

  • Noel Casimiro

    Noel Casimiro - 2013-04-01

    Hi. It seems that I can't place hold on any barcode/book. This message appears instead: This item is not checked out or on hold.. I even tried the search option and clicking the hold button on each title but the window only exits.

  • Hans van der Weij

    That sounds like normal behavior. In the Member Info page you should be able to make holds for items with Status: 'checked out' (and 'on hold', starting from 0.7.1). It is not allowed to change status to 'on hold' for items with Status: 'checked in'. Or in other words: making reservations for items that are not 'checked out' is not supported by the version of OpenBiblio that you are using. I think we'll support it in the future.

    More about status changes: OpenBiblio Help, contents section: 2.a. Understanding bibliography status changes.

    You can use the search option (secundary popup window) to check the current status for an item. Actually the search option was designed for the Place Hold form, because the barcode is not available for scanning when the item is 'checked out'. Later the search option was added to the Bibliography Check Out form, for finding the barcode number when there is no label attached to an item.
    You have to understand that the popup window doesn't know about allowed status changes. It's result pages show links check out/in and hold for each Copy Barcode. The only action expected from these links is closing the popup window and returning the barcode to the the primary window's corresponding form, ready to be submitted.

  • Noel Casimiro

    Noel Casimiro - 2013-04-02

    Thanks for the quick reply infinite-mnkz. I am using OpenBiblio 0.7.1 in XAMPP 1.5.1 (32-bit). I tried to Check Out the book then clicked Place Hold. This message appears: This member already has that item checked out - not placing hold.

    By the way, the reason I'm using an old version of XAMPP is because PHP Timeclock 1.03 ( is also installed. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the latest XAMPP.

  • Hans van der Weij

    When an item is checked out to a member, you can not put it on hold for this member. But you can make a hold for this item for a different member.

  • Noel Casimiro

    Noel Casimiro - 2013-04-04

    Oh, so that's how it's used. Thanks a lot. ^_^



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