Problem with Bar Code

  • Daniel Rebolledo


    I have a problem when try to create a Bar Code List to print it. Barcodes doesn't appears, only the ID number instead. Using: Reports -> Acquisition -> Report Results -> Labels

    I tried:

    - Changing the character codification from utf8 and latin…
    - Overwrite with Openbiblio recent downloaded, if the files were corrupt.
    - The code in php for bar code creation appears fine.

    A screenshoot:

    Thanks you.

  • Hans van der Weij

    Looking at the screenshot it's clear that you are using Firefox 19 and that the new built-in PDF viewer feature is to blame.
    Thanks to user battn, solutions are documented here:

  • Daniel Rebolledo

    Thanks you very much!

    A aditional question, is possible to generate bar code labels without the title on it… i need it to print to put in the books.


  • Hans van der Weij

    Yes, you can do that by changing the layout file

    Suppose you are using the default label layout


    Copy this file to the folder that is one level higher.
    From then on OpenBiblio will use the file from this location


    When you comment out the following line and save the changes
    the title will not be printed.

    There are more labels in folder /openbiblio/layouts/default/
    Using a different layout isn't automated and we don't have instructions for it, but it isn't hard to figure it out.

  • Daniel Rebolledo

    Thank you very much for your help, I am not a programmer and your directions help me a lot to finish to implement our collection in a open source solution like Openbiblio.

    I have two related questions:

    1. Is possible to print just one label?, of a specific book or material, or always printed the list of all acquisitions.

    2. In the "layouts" you say, there is an option for bar codes appear in boxes that facilitate the cutting?. I need to print near 700 bar codes and need to cut it manually to put in the books, and the design without a "box" that contain the bar code is difficult to cut with scissors. Maybe is a easy solution…

  • Hans van der Weij

    1. Yes, you can print one label. I would use report Copy Search and enter the barcode number in the search criteria. You can even enter a list of barcodes, seperated by spaces.

    2. A box or lines? Perhaps that is possible, I haven't tried.
    Wouldn't it be easier to print on sheets with self-adhesive labels?



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