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  • Hernando Florez

    Hernando Florez - 2012-05-31

    Hello all!
    I am trying to implement OpenBiblio for a little library I share with some of my colleagues. I find OpenBiblio to be a great solution (the best one so far) for our needs. Great job!

    Although I have had little problems with the implementation, I still have a question…. I would like to have a little extra information showing in the "biblio_view" page, under the "bibliography copy information" table. I would like to see not only if the book I searched for is checked-in or checked-out, but I would also want to see WHO has checked it out (both in the OPAC search results and in the circulation page). This would help us a lot (mostly by saving us precious time). In other words, I would like that table to have an extra column called something like "Where is it?" in which I see if the book is on the shelf or if my colleague John* has it.

    Any ideas?

    By the way, my knowledge of PHP and SQL language is quite limited… :P


  • Hans van der Weij

    There is a new feature, introduced in version 0.7.1, that does almost what you need. It can not be available in the OPAC because of member privacy, so you have to be logged in and make an extra mouse click:
    In Cataloging » Biblio Info,  follow the History link (lefthand navigation panel) to access Bibliography Checkout History. The most recent status change is at the top of the list, the Member column will tell you who has checked out  a copy.

  • Hernando Florez

    Hernando Florez - 2012-06-01

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply!!!!
    I know that from the history menu one can easily see who has the book, and I understand that in general terms, privacy is a priority.
    Anyhow, due to the use we give to our catalogue, this is a risk we are willing to take due to the following reasons:

    1) we are a group of 15/20 people, which means we are few enough to know/trust each other, but too many to have a "self-served" type of library that works properly. Calling all of them to ask who has X book has become a nightmare…. (and that is why OpenBiblio is going to save our lifes :)

    2) Our library has ca. 500 books (and is growing at a rate of 20/30 books per month) and is 100% private.

    3) Our library OPAC is known only to us :)

    4) If I give access privileges to all my colleagues, specially to the cataloguing tab, I risk having someone clicking the wrong button every now and then… and it would be really annoying having to deal with the (perhaps fatal) consequences.

    Thus I believe that having my extra "where is it?" cell showing in the OPAC results page would be the best solution :D

    Any ideas?

    In the meantime I tried to copy part of the code from the "bilbio_history" file into the "biblio_view" file, just to (sadly) realize that php is much more complicated than that :P



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