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  • Saldanha

    Saldanha - 2012-12-14

    Dear all,

    After some struggling with a free host site, I purchased a domain and a hosting plan to my personal library. But I was thinking… there is much space in the hosting plan, and I can do something for the community.

    So, I`m thinking about the following project: a place where anyone can host a openbiblio system, under the same main domain. Anyone that want to use openbiblio and don`t have access to a server, or don`t know how do deal with it, can ask for a subdomain, and I will install the system, and a translation if possible.

    What you think about the idea?

    The domain is, then the address could be something like

    I was thinking to ask for donations, or adopt a system where the standard site have some ads, and you could remove these ads by donating. That money will help to maintain the site, and I would like to send some part of it to the openbiblio project.

    I really would like some suggestions and opinions… Thanks!

  • Hans van der Weij

    Do not call it "Sistema gratuito".

    Forget about "ads".
    Most libraries have, or should have, a mission / follow ethical codes that rule out ads.
    Have a look at:
    Perhaps a demo site targeted at librarians is different. But then… is the audience of "librarians interested in a different automated library system than the one they are using right now" really that big? And can a demo site offer ads? Wouldn't that be confusing?

    Do not ask for "donations".
    Put it plain and ask for a fee. Offer backups and other added value that is compelling to open source minded librarians.
    They already have found you. So why be shy and have some company inserted some ad in your site?

  • Saldanha

    Saldanha - 2012-12-18

    Dear Hans,

    Thanks for your reply! It was very important and meaningful. Calling "sistema gratuito" was a big mistake, I do know the difference from free to opensource, and will correct it at once.

    That part about ads and donations was really annoying me. I had seem something like that model in another site, but the part about respect the ethics and mission of the libraries is something very important that I had forgot, and the ads will really go against it. I was nearly leaving without it, and now I have the confirmation. I will remove the donations and the ads part, the hosting will be completely free, without asking for donations, ads or fees.

    Asking for that don`t really make sense. openbiblio is a openproject, and my aim with that idea is to help small librarians, folks that have or help at small or medium collections, at home, work, churches, public schools, community centers and things like that, and don`t have the resources to have a server, or time and knowledge to deal with the installation part. So, asking for financial contributions don`t match with the idea.

    Other thing: the domain finishes with "". I wasn't able to found something nice finishing with ".com". But I don`t want to restrict the site for the Brazilian public. I`m planning make the site multilingual soon, but first, there is something that I would like to ask: do you think that the whole idea is a good one? Is it valid?

    I`m completely open to suggestions and another thoughts.





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