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  • Saldanha

    Saldanha - 2012-01-31

    Hi! I would like to add tow new fields to Biblio Copy: type and link.

    I have created the fields 'type' and 'link' inside the biblio_copy table, and modified the 'biblio_copy_new_form.php'  adding the these two new fields.

    I would like to know what I need to do inside 'biblio_copy_new', 'biblio_copy_del', 'biblio_copy_edit', 'biblio_copy_edit_form', and with the classes 'BiblioCopy' and 'BiblioCopyQuery'.

    PS: Using OpenBiblio 0.6

  • Hans van der Weij

    There are disadvantages if you add fields like this. It's is a lot of work and you can cause problems with upgrading to a newer version than the version you want to customize. Perhaps there are other ways to achieve what you want.

    You say you want to add a field "link". Can you use MARC tag 856 as an alternative? (probably not if you need more than one link, because 0.6 does not understand repeated fields well)
    If you need the field for copies and not for bibliographies, then it might be an option to check if custom copy fields will work for you. Custom copy fields are introduced in 0.7.0. This version is not available as a release file, but here is info about an updated version - available for testing. We're working on a release of 0.7.1:

  • Saldanha

    Saldanha - 2012-02-01

    Hi!  I was thinking about this. Migration can be a problem with so many modifications. With a lot of modifications I  achieved my objectives (and will have to pay more attention when migrating).

    As the version 0.7 is being developed, here is my idea: Add add physical and virtual copies  inside some bibliographies. The bibliography is the same, but we can have hard copies and virtual copies. So I added the fields 'type' and 'link'. What you think about this idea?

    By the way, I couldn't figure out how the 'catalog\biblio_edit.php' updates the fields :-(


  • Hans van der Weij

    Idea sounds simple. But I think there is more to it and I don't think we'll produce something that works right before releasing 0.7.1. This is an urgent bugfix release: it fixes incompatibilities with recent versions of MySQL and PHP.

    Some more thought:
    OpenBiblio can import MARC data from other (library) systems, like the information in MARC tag 856.
    A very simple code change for /shared/biblio_view.php that turns 856 $u and 856 $y into a link has been published on the help forum.
    OpenBiblio does not import information about copies. Currently I don't have ideas about changing this, and how that can be done. Perhaps 0.7 custom copy fields are intended to solve this, not sure.

    Your question about 'catalog\biblio_edit.php': is biblio_fields.php more helpful?

  • Saldanha

    Saldanha - 2012-02-03

    I very understand this, it isn't a very important feature by now. I have made some modifications, but I will undo and work with the MARC fields. I was studying these MARC fields yesterday, and I think they will do the job very well.

    OpenBiblio is great ! Thanks for the help!



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