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  • lekri

    lekri - 2008-12-02

    Hello ,

    I would like block checkouts when an item is in any other state then checked in, for example, when something has the status damaged, it should not be able to be checked out.

    Is there any 'easy' way to fix this?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • icyfeet

      icyfeet - 2008-12-02

      Just an idea.

      Create a user "restauration" or similar and let this user checkout medias that are damaged.

    • lekri

      lekri - 2008-12-02

      this is indeed a way i didn't think of,
      the only problem is that it isn't for myself to use, so this way doesn't 'look' professional :)

      But it is a way to fix it in the short run

    • psuarz

      psuarz - 2008-12-09

      There is a very simple way to do that:

      in ../circ/checkout.php  you ust find the verification statement:
      if ($copy->getStatusCd() == OBIB_STATUS_OUT) {

      then you add the conditions by adding "or" (mnd= bibliography is damaged in db)

      if ($copy->getStatusCd() == OBIB_STATUS_OUT or $copy->getStatusCd() == "mnd" ) {

      Now, the system with return "error" if is copy is checked out our mend. Perhaps you would like to change /locale/circulation.php
      $trans["checkoutErr3"]  = "\$text='Bibliography with barcode number %barcode% is already checked out or damaged.';";

    • lekri

      lekri - 2008-12-18

      Sorry for my late response, but it worked like a charm,

      thanks a lot



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