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    For all you librarians out there...

    1)  ISSN's -- should they be back added to a periodical that was published before the ISSN was assigned?

    2)  How to catalog a periodical that merges with another?  Do the two become one new periodical?

    3)  Given a periodical that was the Winter Edition of 1977, Vol 32 No 4 --
    3a) What Marc Field should one use to hold the volume and number of the periodical?

    3b)  What Marc field would hold the "Winter Edition" ?

    4)  Is there such a thing as a holding record in Marc?  I have seen references to them, but not seen them.  It seems that they would be similar to what openbiblio calls the "copy"  but has more fields like the shelving location etc

    Thanks all


    • Chris Dagleish

      Chris Dagleish - 2004-11-08

      1) It depends on for whom you are cataloguing. For local needs I would say it is legitimate (this is explicitly stated in AACR2) to add as many entries as you and your readers would find useful to identify the serial concerned (including ISSN). Have you checked Library of Congress and/or OCLC already for the title? Which title is it?

      2) See examples and links at:
      Have a look in at the following records:
      Current abstracts of chemistry and index chemicus (Philadelphia, Pa : 1978) ISSN 0161-455X
      Fields 580 and 780 and 785

      (a) 362 0 $a see examples at
      (b) as above, i.e. Vol. 32, no. 4 (winter 1977)-  or  -v. 32, no. 4 (winter 1977), depending on whether this is the first issue of the new title or last issue of the old title.

      4) It depends too here on for whom the holdings are meant: locally or as part of a (national) project
      see Holdings, Location, Alternate Graphics, etc. Fields (841-88X) at: and
      See also the 9xx fields which are NOT part of MARC but available for holdings information.

      Hope this helps a bit!
      chris dot dagleish at gmx dot de



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