openbiblio-0.5.2 (Fields Required in Reports)

  • stillgary

    stillgary - 2009-07-18

    I am setting up a samll library for which I have downloaded the Openbiblio0.5.2 version (earlier I had installed version 6 but due to search feature I preferred version 0.5.2).

    My question is how can i add the fields (Publisher Name, Publication Date, Publication Place, Edition & Status) in Reports

    Please help

    • Dirk Spiller

      Dirk Spiller - 2009-07-18

      For 5.2 I am not 100% sure. In 6.1 you just add the corresponding database fields to the .rpt file in the folder reports/defs. As an easy example look at overdue.rpt:

      .title overdueList
      .category Circulation
      .layout overdue title="Overdue Letters"
      .column bibid hidden
      .column copyid hidden
      .column mbrid hidden
      .column barcode_nmbr sort=barcode_nmbr
      .column title sort=title func=biblio_link
      .column author sort=author
      .column member_bcode sort=member_bcode
      .column name sort=name func=member_link
      .column status_begin_dt sort=status_begin_dt
      .column due_back_dt sort=due_back_dt
      .column days_late sort='due_back_dt!r'
      .    date as_of title="As of" default="today"
      .    order_by
      .        item barcode_nmbr expr='c.barcode_nmbr' title="Barcode Number"
      .        item title title="Title"
      .        item author title="Author"
      .        item member_bcode expr='m.barcode_nmbr' title="Member Barcode"
      .        item name expr="concat(m.last_name, ', ', m.first_name)" title="Name"
      .        item status_begin_dt title="Status Begin Date"
      .        item due_back_dt title="Due Back Date"
      .    end order_by
      .end parameters
          select c.bibid, c.copyid, m.mbrid, c.barcode_nmbr,
              b.title,, c.status_begin_dt,
              c.due_back_dt, m.barcode_nmbr member_bcode,
              concat(m.last_name, ', ', m.first_name) name,
              floor(to_days(now())-to_days(c.due_back_dt)) days_late
          from biblio b, biblio_copy c, member m
          where b.bibid = c.bibid
              and c.mbrid = m.mbrid
              and c.status_cd = 'out'
      .    if_set as_of
              and c.due_back_dt < %as_of%
      .    end if_set
      .    order_by_expr
      .end sql

      Here you can see that every field to be shown in the report has to be defined in a column statement like:
      .column author sort=author
      (The sort=... allows you to click on the headline to sort the table by this field)
      It is important to have the same name as in the select statement. Probably you could use "select as Writer ..." and then refer to the field as writer, but I am not sure.

      Just try if it works with 5.2 I did a lot try and error and finally was even able to build user id cards with barcode and book stickers with barcodes as report in 6.1

      For more detailled help take a look at the documentation at:



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