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  • Arthur

    Arthur - 2014-06-22


    My question is if there is a limit of records you can upload in the database of openbiblio. I am asking this question, because some library systems are only capable of processing a certain amount of records, because if they exceed that amount of records, when doing for example a search query for a book, it starts to get really slow etc because of there is so many records in the database to go through. Is this the case with Openbiblio? Example Can openbiblio handle like more than 120000 records?

    Thank you very much,

  • Jacken Chan (Adaxa)

    Hi Arthur,

    Which uploading method are you intending to use? This CSV Upload helper works well in our case of managing 2000 records.

    It is hard to pinpoint on the exact cause for slow query - number of concurrent users, number of query running/idle, indexing.

    Being opensource, it should be relatively easy to get a system up on a LAMP or shared hosting to test your scenario and gaining further confidence if it can deliver or not.


  • Hans van der Weij


    The search function in current versions of OpenBiblio does not use indexes to find words.
    I have to confirm it is very unlikely that it will be usable with 120000 titles.

    The highest number of records I've seen in a production system running OpenBiblio is 60000, but the information in this system is very simple, unlike most MARC records.
    When you import MARC records in OpenBiblio 0.7.1, 20000 might be usable. Not fast, because the fields to be searched are scattered over two tables and one of these tables can contain a million database records or more.

    To conclude: based on the information you have supplied it is unlikely that OpenBiblio meets your needs, currently.

    Will this change in the future?
    It should be possible to configure a search engine (Lucene, Sphinx, etc.) to index the OpenBiblio database. But I don't think anyone has ever tried that. Also we really don't want to add system requirements that will make OpenBiblio harder to install.
    Another option would be to write a search engine for OpenBiblio in MySQL. An experimental setup with 100000 MARC records imported is performing reasonably well...

    Last edit: Hans van der Weij 2014-07-03


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