Architecture and circulation

  • Micah Stetson

    Micah Stetson - 2010-03-07

    Based on our discussion on issue 47 it seems we need to change direction a bit in terms of which pages are generated on the server and which on the client.  I have some pretty clear ideas about this, but I don't want to try them in cataloging, since it's currently working, and both Fred and Luuk are using it daily.  What I think I'd like to do is try my ideas under circulation and then, if they work the way I think they will, modify cataloging to work in a similar manner.  That way cataloging continues to work in the meanwhile, and Fred and Luuk don't have to slow down their work or use there.

    The other thing I'd like to do is modify biblio_server.php to use the model classes.

    I think I can get both of these things done over the next three to five weeks, but I want to make sure I'm not going to step on anything you guys are doing in circulation.  My changes to biblio_server should be mostly non-invasive, so I don't anticipate a problem there.

    Does that sound reasonable to you guys?


  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2010-03-07

    No question biblio_server needs to be drastically changed to use Biblios & Copies so go to it as far as I am concerned.  Even if you only get one item changed a week it would still be progress.  I'm distracted by outside (literally) interests durring the current pleasant weather so anything you do won't effect me.

    As to circulation, I don't use it so will go with whatever you and Luuk agree on.




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