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  • Foteini Aravani

    Foteini Aravani - 2010-12-20

    I would like to include the 505 field (formatted contents) in the advanced search. Does anyone know how to do it?

  • ayryq

    ayryq - 2010-12-20

    In .61, with the "search all" patch installed, here's an excerpt from my classes/BiblioSearchQuery.php:

    } elseif ($type == OBIB_SEARCH_ALL) {
            $join .= "left join biblio_field on biblio_field.bibid=biblio.bibid "
                     . "and biblio_field.tag='505' "
                     . "and (biblio_field.subfield_cd='a') ";
            $criteria =
          } else {

    I made this work a long time ago… I'm not positive this is all you need, but it's the first reference to 505a that I found.

  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2010-12-20

    Here is a solution that adds ISBN as a searchable item to the pull down list. You could easily modify this to add most any other field you like. I did this with 0.7, but a suspect it would work with ver 0.61 with little change.

    First we need to add to file '../shared/global_constants.php' near line# 29

    And in file '../locale/en/cataloging.php' near line 58:
        $trans             = "\$text = 'Isbn';";

    And in file '../catalog/index.php' near line 55:
    <option value="isbn"><?php echo $loc->getText("indexIsbn");?>

    And in file '../classes/BiblioSearchQuery.php' near line 85:
          } elseif ($type == OBIB_SEARCH_ISBN) {
            $join .= "left join biblio_field on biblio_field.bibid=biblio.bibid "
                     . "and biblio_field.tag='020' "
                     . "and (biblio_field.subfield_cd='a') ";
            $criteria = $this->_getCriteria(array("biblio_field.field_data"),$words);

    Fred LaPlante

  • Hans van der Weij

    Ayryc links to what is called the Advanced Search patch. (Personally I wouldn't call it advanced because the functionality is different from what usually is called advanced search in catalogs.)

    Many users find it difficult to apply a patch file, so I made it available as a file download for 0.6.x and 0.7.x
    Ayryc's suggestions for the patch are included.
    Attached as a .zip file to:


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