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  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2010-02-04

    Following copied from private email to Flaplante


    What do you think of the following.

    I am now inputting books into the system, but am running into the following situation. The system works with an entry for a book with multiple copies. So when our main library has already a book, there is already an entry and a copy. When we have the same book here in my library, I just simply add a copy for this site.

    This means however that I currently have to do a search in the library first to see if there is already a copy, and then if adding a new one by searching on ISBN/Title after which, if not find I do a manual insert. (the two searches is not that big of a deal with two tabs, but still, I like streamlining)

    My question is if it would be a lot of would to add a section above the online results which practically does the same search as is done online, but shows the matching results out of the local library. This will prevent, in libraries like mine where there are multiple copies, that there will be two entries of the same book.

    I assume the code is all there (in biblio_search/server) so was wondering if such a feature would be a lot of work to implement?

    Let me know what you think,


  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2010-02-04

    I think I understand what you want.  I run into this myself even with only single copies. I simply can't always remember if there is a copy on hand already. 

    I think there are two ways to do this : from the Existing item screen or the new items.  I guess it depends on where you feel is your 'home' screen.

    For me it is new items as that is about the only work I do with the system.  I would prefer all searchs for new items to be preceeded with a local search and if found, I would be asked if I wished to continue or simply add a new copy. The problem comes with multiple hits. I don't think I would ever search for something like "St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippian". I would search for "Epistle to the Philippian" and sort out the one I wanted - perhaps because I am a slow typist.

    So, if I do a search for 'ajax' or 'learning Python' and get 7 hits locally should I proceed as normally for a local search, with an option on the detail biblio screen to ignore results and continue the search online?  If this were an normal desktop app, this would be a 'simple' matter of saving the state of the query, calling the module for local search, and when appropriate, simply restoring state and going on.  My first Javascript App back in mid 90s I did a complete eCommerce app this way  But OpenBiblio is a mix of stately and stateless work. I suppose I could save state in $_SESSION varaibles, call the existing item code with GET variables to eliminate user entries. If I save the caller module in a $_SESSION variable I could return to the caller, etc.

    Not, not too hard, perhaps a week or so to get it all straight.  But I think it would be something best saved for a 1.1 perhaps, so we don't get too distracted from the goal of getting 1.0 on the street sometime this decade! :-)

  • Luuk Jansen

    Luuk Jansen - 2010-02-04

    Mmm first finishing the work at hand, that sounds far to reasonable to me!!!


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