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Homepage/Wiki Up

There's a minimalistic homepage available now at obfc-ng.sourceforge.net. More importantly, we now have a Wiki set up to discuss obfc-ng and related topics at obfc-ng.sourceforge.net/wiki. There's also a link to the Wiki on the homepage.

Anyone can post to the Wiki, not just developers, so feel free to add ideas and comments to what is there already.

Posted by David Barnett 2007-03-31

Source code in SVN!

Today I imported a functional front-end for obfc-ng (in C++) into subversion. It has very limited capabilities, but currently it will process a source file and create an Abstract Syntax Tree which it will then dump out to stdout.

Besides merging repeated increments and decrements or shifts, it doesn't optimize anything yet. It doesn't create any output files, either, and it isn't very configurable (the only acceptable usage is "obfc-ng FILE.bf"). Still, it's an exciting first step.

Posted by David Barnett 2007-03-24