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You can find the following tools in the V4 sources repository in the utils folder.


This java program allows one to view the content of an Oberon Text file. It requires Apache commons libraries IO and Lang


javac ch/claudio/oberon/

and run

java -cp .:commons-io-2.4-jar:commons-lang3-3.1.jar ch.claudio.oberon.OberonFilter -?

to show the usage.

It expects to read an Oberon Text file from STDIN and outputs to STDOUT.

Without any options it will write pseudo-XML which contains all information gathered from the Text file. By adding the -nopos Option the pos-Attribute will be suppressed. This form is better suited when you want compare the output with some other file.

With the -plain Option a plain Ascii file is created, stripped of all formatting and with the Oberon end of line character CR converted to NL. Ctrl-Chars except TAB are stripped too.


OberonV4 for Windows

Instructions how to compile and link a new kernel for OberonV4 for Windows can be found $Text/Develop.Tool.


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