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Oberon-2 Compilers


Compiler sources in the repository cover these platforms and processors

  • Amiga, M68000
  • Linux, Intel IA32
  • Windows, Intel IA32


The last letter in the name of the compiler modules (e.g. B in OPB, iOPB or OROPB) indicate the function

Module Function
B(uilder) Builds the syntax tree
C(ode emitter) Higher level part of the code generator
L(ow lever code generator) Lower level part of the code generator
M(achine) Interface to the host
P(arser) Parses the language
S(canner) Scans the source and extracts the symbols on which the language is built
T(able handler) Maintains the table holding declared types and variables
(Tree tra)V(erser) Reads the syntax tree

B, P, S and T form the front-end and should be platform independent independent. The rely on some constants exported from M to check for certain limitations already while reading the source.

C, L and V form the back-end and need to be adapted/rewritten when porting Oberon to a new platform.

M is used by both front- and back-end.

Much more informations on the compiler can be found in the TechReport OP2 a portable Oberon Compiler by RĂ©gis Crelier or his PhD-Thesis.

The Linux and Windows implementation have additional modules I and O.

Besides that you can find compiler sources in the ProjectOberon folders which cover the original Oberon language only.


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