dweston - 2014-02-15

I've purchased one of the newer Freematics OBD-II Adapters that has an Arduino inside it. The version I bought also has a BLE card embedded and so to familiarise myself before I delve into building some attachments I've given the adapter a go simply plugged it into my vehicle (BMW X5 2003 3.0i) as supplied and attempted to view data OBD data via the Freematics iPhone app now available from the App Store.

This works well with the bluetooth connection between the adapter and iPhone establishing without a hitch and the App showing data from the onboard ACC accelerometer and GYRO module immediately. But not so with accessing vehicle OBD data. After many trial connect sequences with adapter plugged in first or disconnected with the iPhone app enabled first, it wasn't possible to establish coms with the car. Then suddenly when in frustration I was waiting at a set of lengthy traffic lights I pulled the adapter out and plugged it back in -presto a heap of data came through. Speed; RPM; engine % power; throttle position; even manifold temp.

All good I thought. All facets of the App worked fine until I switched the vehicle ignition off. The app <=> adapter connection stayed up as the power from the OBD socket stayed up. But when I switched the engine back on no more OBD data.

That was it for few days until presto again with no apparent logic to it the vehicle connection established this time with the iPhone app off at first, though this time with less data points showing. No manifold temp showing but, on the debug page, three or four data strings extracted that the app obviously doesn't currently recognise.

I've been trying to seek support from Stanley regarding the tenuous vehicle interface but so far to no avail.

Does anyone know where he has located the support forum for this adapter?

I note a support forum entry on the DFRobot site for Stanley's earlier "OBD-II Adapter for Arduino" device but not for the more recent model.