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Announcing OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT) v2.7

OpenLink Software are pleased to announce release 2.7 of the OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT).

This release includes the following new features:

  • a new OAT.Win API / style
  • a new Linked Data Resource save option for physical and virtual RDF Graphs from DESCRIBE or CONSTRUCT based iSPARQL Queries
  • support for multiple protocol schemes: lsid, doi, oai, and urn alongside http
  • more demonstrations

There are enhancements to a++ links and styles, the RDF-browser and iSPARQL applications, and the UI.

There are fixes to URI parsing, N3 proxy support, loading path, parsing the month in the timeline control, the speed of drawing piecharts and other minor bug-fixes.

For further information, please see:

Project homepage on

File downloads:

Live Features Demonstrations:

Posted by Tim Haynes 2007-12-12

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