configure gets wrong sysname

John Tseng
  • John Tseng

    John Tseng - 2004-11-19

    We have both linux_rhel21_32 and linux_rhel30_64
    installed in the same installation tree.

    The configure script always chooses the "last" system name in the directory.  A quick work around was to put a "break" in the code to choose the first one for a 32 bit build

    Is it possible to specify the sysname on the command line?

    echo $ECHO_N "checking sysname... $ECHO_C" >&6
      for I in $with_oa/lib/* ; do
        if test -d "$I" ; then
          OAG_SYSNAME=`basename $I`
          break  <== added this to pick up first one

    • Philip Chong

      Philip Chong - 2004-11-21

      The sysname detection is somewhat hacky right now.  This will hopefully be changed in the next release.


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