threesms broken after webtext link change

  • Anonymous - 2012-08-15

    Hi All,

    It appears as though the three webtext page has changed from to (note the 's') and this appears to have broken threesms.

    Unfortunately, I don't know enough to correct this myself in the source code so I was wondering if someone could have a look?

    Here is the output from trying to send a webtext.

    I've had to use pastebin for the output as sourceforge seems to think I am spamming…

  • Anonymous - 2012-08-15

    OK, I actually did some sleuthing.

    I tried a simple replace of webtext.three to webtexts.three but I got the following back.

    DEBUG: Running actions from step '0' to '2'
    DEBUG: STEP0: start goto
    DEBUG: about to fetch ""
    DEBUG: fetched url in 1 seconds with result "404 Not Found"
    DEBUG: STEP0: end, result = FAILURE

    I then started playing around with tamperdata to see if anything jumped out like the correct url :) but that was no go.

    I grabbed the HTTP headers but they don't mean much to me to be honest. Again, pasted to pastebin below.

    Most of it looks like Google Ads rubbish but the top three are related to


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