My guess is there are a couple of definitions of my-note floating around. You should check the definition (e.g. see GRINDEF) or redefine my-note to make sure you know how many parameters it takes. Using/learning about getting a stack trace from XLISP would also tell you exactly which function is a problem. -Roger

On 12/28/10 4:54 PM, Steve M. Robbins wrote:

I'm trying out Nyquist for the first time.  I built the 3.03 version
from source on my Debian Linux 64-bit machine.

I'm working through the manual but got stuck in the Introduction [1];
I can make a sound using

	play osc(60)

but after pasting in the code for mkwave() and note(), it
fails while trying to play a sequence:

SAL> play seq(my-note(c4, i), my-note(d4, i), my-note(f4, i), 
              my-note(g4, i), my-note(d4, q))

Saving sound file to /home/steve/Music/Nyquist/steve-temp.wav
error: too few arguments
Call traceback:
    SAL top-level command interpreter

I don't understand why there would be too few arguments.  I presume
this works for others.  Any ideas?  64-bit issue?  

I saw Roger Dannenberg's message [2] saying

  Nyquist does not compile on any 64-bit architectures, but the build
  system (basically just run make in the top directory) uses the -m32
  switch on all compiles and libraries to run in 32-bit mode. I want
  to switch over to 64-bit native code, but the combination of Lisp,
  garbage collection, and lazy evaluation means there are lots of
  places where memory is carefully managed with assumptions about
  pointer sizes. It's not just a matter of recompiling.

That doesn't match my experience, however.  I used
sys/unix/linux/Makefile to build but did not see any -m32 flag used.
On the other hand, I used system versions of portaudio and liblo
rather than those in the nyquist source tree, so maybe that's where
-m32 is used?

Thanks for any pointers or hints,

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