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N/X Web Content Management System 4.5 released

As every year, we are releasing a new version of N/X WCMS on christmas. The new features this time are:

- New Userinterface
- New Example homepage and templates
- Search engine friendly URLs
- updated 3rd party components
- better support for content channels
- better caching
- automatic menu drawing
- new plugins

Posted by Sven Weih 2006-12-10

N/X WCMS 4.1 published!

Karlsruhe, Germany 27th February 2006. Version 4.1 of the N/X Web Content Management System based on PHP has been published today. Major improvements were done to the whole system, especially to the user interface which does now fully support Mozilla Firefox.

The major improvements include:

integration of almost any content from any source possible with our new plugin interfaces.
completely new statistic module
new object library
new article management
security related refactorings and improvements
rich-text-editor for mozilla firefox
new WYSIWYG editing module
The new version of N/X WCMS can be downloaded at sourceforge.net.

Posted by Sven Weih 2006-02-27

Release of N/X WCMS 4.1 planned in march.

After one whole year of testing and beta versions, N/X 4.1 will be released in march 2006.

Our roadmap for 2006

- Version 4.2: integrating google adsense and advertisment into N/X
- Version 4.3: reengineering some parts of the userinterface.

Our roadmap for 2007

- Version 5.0: integrating the open-source internet-shopping-software osCommerce with N/X.

Posted by Sven Weih 2006-02-16

N/X 2002 Final in April

The Final will come in April. The system is stable and secure right now. We are working on an installer now and will submit the script as soon as possible.

Posted by Sven Weih 2003-03-09

Demo of Final available on homepage

The demo for the final 1.0 of N/X is available at the N/X homepage now. Check the system. There are no open accounts with administrator permissions any more! You will not be able to upload any images!

The system should run stable now. Please report any problems and bugs to sven@nx.weih.de

Posted by Sven Weih 2003-02-18

N/X 2003 Limited Edition BETA

In the next few days a BETA Version of N/X 2003 Limited Edition is launched. The 2003LE is aimed to users that want to build their own website without having knowledge of how to use php.

It is limited to the most necessary features that are needed to use and to extend the system. 2003LE can be upgraded to a later version. A downgrade to 2002 is not possible this moment.

God bless You!

Posted by Sven Weih 2003-02-04

N/X 2002 Final dated to 16th March 2003

On Sunday, 16th March 2003 the final version of N/X 2002 will be released. The Final will ship with all Features of the prerelease.
All security issues and hotfixes will be part of the package.

N/X 2002 will come with phpOpenTracker Final and jpCache for CDS-Output-Caching. This is giving a performance boost of up to 70 times faster than standard N/X-CDS was up to now.

Please report any errors you occured or any problems to sven@nx.weih.de. We will fix them until the release of the final version.... read more

Posted by Sven Weih 2003-02-04

N/X 2002 PreRelease soon available

It seems to be done. N/X 2002 PreRelease will come next few days. Watch out!

Posted by Sven Weih 2002-11-11

RC2 arrives End of June!

N/X Release Candidate 2, originally dated for middle of June will arrive end of July with features planned in last mailing.

Additionally N/X will support live-authoring on the ready webpage.

For more information mail to : sven@nx.weih.de

Posted by Sven Weih 2002-06-26

Preview to RC2

In June the Release Candidate 2 of N/X will be released. N/X will become easier to handle in backoffice, even more reliable in content mangement and it will be easier to implement webpages.

The Plugin-Interfaces were strongly extended - early adapters and plugin-developers shall ask us for it already now - and N/X has integrated user tracking and page-statistics from then on.

Most other changes are internal and will not affect your work with N/X. Starting with N/X 2002 RC2 it will ship with English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and probably some other localized user interfaces which can be adapted individual to each users needs.

Posted by Sven Weih 2002-04-13

New Release

The current release candidate of N/X 2002 was just released as RC1.01

Posted by Sven Weih 2002-02-22