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NexTVIew and nxtvepg in Turkey

  • Kris

    Kris - 2010-10-16


    Has anyone recently had success (or issues) with getting EPG data for TRT with nxtvepg in Turkey?

    All I can seem to get is the "Sorry, no new providers found." message when scanning for providers.

    nxtvepg v 2.7.6
    Mythbuntu 10.04
    Win PVR 500 TV tuner card


  • Tom Zoerner

    Tom Zoerner - 2010-10-23

    I don't receive TRT so I can't answer that. Anyway, a better way to check the provider's status than the scan is to tune the TV channel using a TV application, then open nxtvepg and open "view database statistics" in the control menu. In the lower box you'll get "EPG page rate" and "AI recv. count" which basically tell you if there's anything transmitted at all on the designated teletext page.



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