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NxBRE / News: Recent posts

License switch

NxBRE is now licensed under the MIT License, the LGPL license was creating issues for some users.

Posted by David Dossot 2012-07-21

RuleML 1.0

After many years of waiting, RuleML 1.0 has finally been announced:

It was one of NxBRE's Inference Engine original goal to follow the RuleML versions until 1.0 will be reached. Though I'm not in the position to announce any ETA for supporting it, it's definitively a feature that will be added: read more

Posted by David Dossot 2010-08-26

IE-Console v1.3.2 Released

I'm happy to announce the release of a new version of the Inference Engine Console.

It's a minor release with two new features, including one kindly contributed by a user:

* Prompt user for strictness when loading a Visio rulebase (feature request 1812990).

* Support custom queries in HRF format (contributed by Martin Wickett).

Posted by David Dossot 2009-09-14


RuleML 2009, the International RuleML Symposium on Rule Interchange and Applications, will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Nov 5-7, 2009.

More information here:

Posted by David Dossot 2009-04-24

NxBRE v3.2.0 Released

Happy new year and happy new NxBRE too!

This new version contains a few bug fixes and the embryo of a backwards-chaining wrapper for the flow engine.

See the release notes for more information:


Posted by David Dossot 2009-01-06

Flow Engine Extension

The Flow Engine is currently under work: I have added a simple backward chaining scheduler that can execute sets in order to produce a specified goal in the rule context.

This will allow to better support Reaction RuleML, hence to be able to consume the output of Acumen's RuleManager ( ), an excellent tool for BRE related development on the .NET platform.... read more

Posted by David Dossot 2008-03-15

NxBRE Meeting @ SD West

I will be attending SD West 08 next week: if you want to meet and discuss NxBRE, shoot me an email!

Posted by David Dossot 2008-03-01

NxBRE v3.1.1 Released

I am happy to announce the release of NxBRE 3.1.1. This is mainly a service release for the Inference Engine, which got some bug fixed and simple features added.

See the release notes for more information:


Posted by David Dossot 2008-01-06

Show off your cool NxBRE project!

Do you feel like running a few minutes remote demonstration of what you have accomplished with NxBRE and RuleML in your project?

Then you are up to the challenge:

Please contact me ASAP ( for more details!

Posted by David Dossot 2007-10-11

IE-Console v1.3.1 Released

The console has simply been recompiled with the latest version of NxBRE.

Posted by David Dossot 2007-09-03

NxDSL v1.0.0 Released

Though still very crude, NxDSL can already help you to build a rich rule language for your business domain.

Your feedback will be very appreciated...

Posted by David Dossot 2007-09-03

NxBRE v3.1.0 Released

Check the release notes to see all the changes:

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback, patches and improvement requests!

Posted by David Dossot 2007-09-03

DSL for the Inference Engine

Posted by David Dossot 2007-07-22

NxBRE v3.1.0Beta2 Released

This second beta release shows no progress on the integration of RuleML 0.91, as some uncertainty in the support of integrity constraints in Naf Datalog remain.

The "smart implication scheduler", which was introduced in v3.1.0Beta1 and was proven dumb, has been rolled-back: the Inference Engine should now behave exactly like v3.0.0.

Many improvements and bug fixes have been included, thanks to the feedback from you, the NxBRE community!

Posted by David Dossot 2007-07-14


Want to share your experience with NxBRE and RuleML?

Then why not considering a visit to RuleML-2007 that will happen in Orlando, Florida in October (25-26). You might even want to submit a paper or a demo: if that is the case, act fast!


Posted by David Dossot 2007-07-12

Time for goodies!

While the construction of version 3.1.0 progresses steadily, thanks to great suggestions and patches from the community, a little set of NxBRE goodies were born!


Posted by David Dossot 2007-06-24

Some Thoughts On Business Rules Testability

You might be interested by my latest blog post on this subject:

Posted by David Dossot 2007-04-07

Interesting Blog Entries on NxBRE

Adron B. Hall has posted several interesting blog entry on NxBRE. If you are new to the product or simply want to see how others do with NxBRE, just follow these links:

* NxBRE Download, Installation, and Setup:

* NxBRE Integration and Visual Studio Team Server Strangeness: read more

Posted by David Dossot 2007-03-31

Patch for bug 1632463 available!

The patch for bug 1632463 (, ie. "Infinite loop in <While> block", is available in SVN trunk under revisions 202 and 203.


Posted by David Dossot 2007-01-20

NxBRE v3.1.0Beta1 Released

This beta release is intended for those interested in testing one of these two new features:

* Added regex matcher operator (feature request 1545354).

* Improved implication scheduling in the agenda to limitate the number of fired implications (feature request 1590017).

There is also a *preview implementation* of the RuleML 0.91 Naf Datalog adapter. So far, this implementation does not support the cool features of the new version of RuleML (multiple named rulebases in one rule file, retract operations), hence it is not worth using it.

Posted by David Dossot 2006-12-28

What is going on for the upcoming v3.1.0?

In order to figure out what is planned for the next release, simply check the different trackers (bugs, feature requests): the ones tagged at priority 9 will be included in the next release.

To see what has actually been done and is available in the SVN trunk, turn to the readme file:

Posted by David Dossot 2006-11-24

Inference Engine Console v1.3.0 Released

The IEConsole has been migrated to .NET 2 and NxBRE 3 (feature request 1598242).

Download it from there:

Posted by David Dossot 2006-11-17

NxBRE v3.0.0 Released

Finally, after weeks of refactoring, a general beefing up of the documentation, version 3.0.0 is officially out! Check the readme file for discovering the extent of what has been done between version 2.5 and version 3.0.

Please note that branch 2.5 will still be maitained "for a while" but in a minimal way: only patches but no new release.

Next steps:

1. Download read more

Posted by David Dossot 2006-09-08

NxBRE v3.0.0RC2 Released

I am happy to announce the second release candidate of NxBRE v3, which should be the last one before the final 3.0.0 release.

Please check the change log at this URL:

The main changes consist in a faster/simpler internal fact base and the introduction of RuleML features already available in v2.5 to Visio 2003 rule bases.

Posted by David Dossot 2006-08-19

NxBRE v3.0.0RC1 Released

I am happy to announce the first release candidate of NxBRE v3.

Though it satisfies all unit and acceptance tests of NxBRE v2.5.3, this version is not (yet) intended for production but to receive feedback from developers and users.

No new feature has been added but many many changes have been made. Please consult the release notes to discover what and read the README.txt document for a short migration guide.

Posted by David Dossot 2006-07-19