Great idea for a file system...

John Adams
  • John Adams

    John Adams - 2004-12-21

    I'm especially interested in an object oriented file system.  In my opinion this would be superior to a relational one.  Of course a relational and heirarchical abstraction layer could always be included for those who want it.

    I didn't catch if this in your article, forgive me if it was there, but configurable policies on the objects would be helpful as well.  These policies would include states a given object type can exist in.  With this capability pushed down to the filesystem level creating business apps would be a snap.

    My inspiration for this type of a filesystem comes from MatrixOne's eMatrix PLM software.  Many of the ideas they've built into their core product for handling objects would work well in a filesystem.  Imagine if the capability existed at the filesystem level and then you could create virtual environments for each application that's using it.  A chrooted environment so to speak.  This would be a powerful, standardized framework to build business apps on.

    • Aidan Macdonald

      Aidan Macdonald - 2008-06-18

      What is an Object Oriented file system. Do you mean having a abstract object and all other files are derived from it

      |    |   \ |    |    \ |    |     \ File |     Folder

      If its like that then theirs not much difference from a UNIX where all derived from a file (kind of) or where drives and folders are treated as special files.


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