#5 Do not check the time parameter

General (7)

This patch adds a new parameter "c" resp. "--nocheck"
which disables the test if the wakeup-time is at least
10 minutes in the future.

I think it is very useful while testing the parameters
for the configfile. On a stable system, this patch is
perhaps useless, because noone wants to reboot in less
than ten minutes.


  • Holger Kubiak

    Holger Kubiak - 2006-06-07

    patch "nocheck" for nvram-wakeup

  • Holger Kubiak

    Holger Kubiak - 2006-06-07

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    The patch is against the source delivered by debian.

  • Tobias Grimm

    Tobias Grimm - 2008-09-19

    I made this -n/--nocheck. It will be available in the SVN and the upcoming release soon. Thanks for the patch!

  • Tobias Grimm

    Tobias Grimm - 2008-09-19
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