#3 Lets set the date to everyday

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This patch lets the user specify the option -e on the
commandline which overwrites the date part of -s
and sets it to zero.
This causes, at least with my bios, to wake up every day
at the specified time.
diff was made against 0.97 and is to be applied with
patch -Np1 -i ../everyday.patch


  • Matthias Gehre

    Matthias Gehre - 2005-07-13

    Everyday Patch

  • Sergei Haller

    Sergei Haller - 2005-07-14

    Logged In: YES

    actually, since this is very board specific, I refused to
    add this "feature" in the past.

    The main argument being that by an easy script, the wakeup
    can be set to the next days 6:00 easily before shutdown.

    Second thing, this feature should also set the month to
    zero, if there is a month field. and this feature must do
    nothing (maybe print a warning) if the day is set by means
    of a day of the week

  • Matthias Gehre

    Matthias Gehre - 2005-07-16

    Logged In: YES

    I suppose it's more a hack than a patch, sorry.
    If I included the functionality under 'second thing', could the
    patch make it into the program?
    P.S.: Would take a while, since I'm on holiday for the next 8

  • Sergei Haller

    Sergei Haller - 2005-07-16

    Logged In: YES

    well. to get into the program it would have to be perfect :-)

    and there are more things to cover if I think more about it:
    displaying the word "everyday" if it is set to "everyday".

    while reading it rejects a value of the day or month being 0.
    this of course should be changed. although, if the day is
    set to 0 and the month isn't (or the other way around), this
    schould be rejected.

    and finally, an update to the man pages explicitly telling
    that this feature does not work on all mainboards and should
    be used with absolute care.

  • Sergei Haller

    Sergei Haller - 2006-07-08
    • status: open --> closed

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