#7 FAILS: Asustek N4L-VM DH - Please help


Can you please help me get the following board to wake from S5 ?
It is not in the list, guess-helper does not help in the least :)
I tried the guess and fully manual BIOS guessing mode but I am clearly out of my league...
- I believe addr_sec/min/day/hour are guessed ok.
- It looks like rtc_time is stored as well ? I've seen changes in x72-x77, and there are similar changes in x96-x99, yet with slightly different values.
- Checksum could be in xC1 ?
Can you help me make some sense out of this ? Every test ends up in "wrong CMOS checksum, press F1 ..." so it is kind of tedious.

This is the (correct) output of biosinfo:
Following DMI entries found:
- Mainboard vendor: "ASUSTeK Computer INC."
- Mainboard type: "N4L-VM DH"
- Mainboard revision: "Rev 1.xx"
- BIOS vendor: "American Megatrends Inc."
- BIOS version: "0902"
- BIOS release: "11/22/2006"
Using nvram-wakeup, debian lenny/i386:
nvram-wakeup -v
NVRAM WakeUp - Copyright (C) 2001-2004, Sergei Haller.
The rtc program returns a wrong value I think, but no error.
Alarm time now set to 22:09:04.
I attach the contents of a directory created by guess-helper. Please let me know if you need more info.

Thanks in advance!


  • Tobias Grimm

    Tobias Grimm - 2008-11-23

    Sorry, but I can't help. AFAIK this board should support wakeup via ACPI, so you might want to try this.

  • JPM

    JPM - 2008-11-23

    Yes, you're right. With linux 2.6.26 (later revisions) ACPI RTC wake works from S5.
    I am closing the ticket now.
    Is there any way to tell from the start if rtctwake is applicable or not to a platform ? Bios release date ? Chipset ??

    BTW, thanks for a most useful project !

  • JPM

    JPM - 2008-11-23
    • status: open --> closed

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