#7 Sienic Pro C5


This are the dumpfiles for a Scienic ProC5 (proprietary
board) with following BIOS:

Phoenix BIOS 4.06, Rev. 1.05.1025

Extracting Time/Enable information is trivial (see
below), but Phoenix seems to have some weird
checksumming (ADDR: 0x6F/0x70). I didn't get out how it
is handled... Without checksum the BIOS detects a
"defect" CMOS, so it is needed and makes somehow

Any clues?

Thanks a lot,


SETUP DATA (no DATE entry available):
#define BCD ON
#define NEED_RTC OFF
#define ADDR_SEC 0x60
#define SHIFT_SEC 0
#define ADDR_MIN 0x61
#define SHIFT_MIN 0
#define ADDR_HOUR 0x62
#define SHIFT_HOUR 0
#define ADDR_STAT 0x62
#define SHIFT_STAT 6


  • Wolfgang Scherr

    Wolfgang Scherr - 2002-03-10

    tar gz of dumpfiles

  • Sergei Haller

    Sergei Haller - 2002-03-10

    Logged In: YES

    > #define ADDR_HOUR 0x62
    > #define ADDR_STAT 0x62

    that's the problem - both informations are stored in the same
    byte and nvram-wakeup calculates a wrong checksum. (what you
    can see if you use ACTUALLY_WRITE=OFF)

    I have already fixed that in the cvs version - but I'm doing
    some other changes in the cvs at the moment, so it might not
    even compile. Thus you have two choices:
    - if you're familiar with using cvs, get the CVS version
    of 05.03.2002. This one should work for you.
    - if not, wait untill I've made those changes I'm working
    on at the moment (I think, I should be done until
    Wednesday). I'll send you a snapshot then.

  • Sergei Haller

    Sergei Haller - 2002-03-10
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Sergei Haller

    Sergei Haller - 2002-03-11

    Logged In: YES

    the situation about this board seems to be more curious
    than I thought after reading this report for the first time.

    my next reply will go to the nvram-devel list.
    please look there for further discussions.

    @Wolfgang: I'll BCC the first mail to you, but subscribe to
    the list afterwards, please.

  • Sergei Haller

    Sergei Haller - 2002-04-15
    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted

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