nVidia Geforce 8400M GS support request

  • Highwind

    Highwind - 2008-01-07


    I would like to request support for the  nVidia Geforce 8400M GS (e.g. in Sony Vaio VGN-SZ650N)

    Probably it is the same difficulty with the registers but maybe this helps:

    >./nvclock -i
    -- General info --
    Card:           nVidia Geforce 8400M GS
    Architecture:   G86 A2
    PCI id:         0x427
    GPU clock:      182.248 MHz
    Bustype:        PCI-Express

    -- Shader info --
    Clock: 432.000 MHz
    Stream units: 16 (1b)
    ROP units: 4 (1b)
    -- Memory info --
    Amount:         64 MB
    Type:           128 bit DDR3
    Clock:          601.712 MHz

    -- PCI-Express info --
    Current Rate:   16X
    Maximum rate:   16X

    -- Sensor info --
    Sensor: GPU Internal Sensor
    GPU temperature: 58C

    >./nvclock -D
    --- nVidia Geforce 8400M GS GPU registers ---
    NV_PMC_BOOT_0 (0x0): 086700a2
    NV_PBUS_DEBUG_0 (0x1080): 00000000
    NV_PBUS_DEBUG_1 (0x1084): 00041469
    NV_PBUS_DEBUG_2 (0x1088): 00000000
    NV_PBUS_DEBUG_3 (0x108c): 000000d1
    NV_10F0 (0x10f0): 00000000
    NV_1540 (0x1540): f3010001
    NV_15B0 (0x15b0): 00000000
    NV_15B4 (0x15b4): 00000000
    NV_15B8 (0x15b8): 00000000
    NV_15F0 (0x15f0): 00000000
    NV_15F4 (0x15f4): 00000000
    NV_15F8 (0x15f8): 00000000
    NV_PBUS_PCI_0 (0x1800): 042710de
    NV_C010 (0xc010): 00000000
    NV_C014 (0xc014): 00000000
    NV_C018 (0xc018): 00000000
    NV_C01C (0xc01c): 00000000
    NV_C020 (0xc020): 00000000
    NV_C024 (0xc024): 00000000
    NV_C028 (0xc028): 00000000
    NV_C02C (0xc02c): 00000000
    NV_C040 (0xc040): 2ae0dea3
    NV_4000 (0x4000): 00000000
    NV_4004 (0x4004): 00000000
    NV_4008 (0x4008): 8059e400
    NV_400C (0x400c): 00002707
    NV_4010 (0x4010): 00000000
    NV_4014 (0x4014): 00000000
    NV_4018 (0x4018): 00000000
    NV_401C (0x401c): 00000000
    NV_4020 (0x4020): 80000000
    NV_4024 (0x4024): 00001002
    NV_4028 (0x4028): a0090000
    NV_402C (0x402c): 00000b02
    NV_4030 (0x4030): 20090000
    NV_4034 (0x4034): 00001202
    NV_4038 (0x4038): 00000000
    NV_403C (0x403c): 00000000
    NV_4040 (0x4040): 00000000
    NV_4044 (0x4044): 00000000
    NV_4048 (0x4048): 00000000
    NV_404C (0x404c): 00000000
    NV_4050 (0x4050): 00000000
    NV_4054 (0x4054): 00000000
    NV_4058 (0x4058): 00000000
    NV_405C (0x405c): 00000000
    NV_4060 (0x4060): 00000000
    NV_E100 (0xe100): 001c0100
    NV_E11C (0xe11c): 00000001
    NV_E120 (0xe120): 00000000
    NV_20008 (0x20008): c0081a02
    NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x100200): 01001800
    NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x100204): 00449000
    NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x100208): 00000000
    NV_PFB_CFG0 (0x10020c): 04000000
    NV_PFB_218  (0x100218): 01000101
    NV_PFB_TIMING0 (0x100220): 050a1112
    NV_PFB_TIMING1 (0x100224): 0b010709
    NV_PFB_TIMING2 (0x100228): 00040305
    NV_PFB_474     (0x100474): 00000000
    NV_PEXTDEV_BOOT_0 (0x101000): 81449cbc
    NV_NVPLL_COEFF_A (0x680500): 00000000
    NV_MPLL_COEFF_A (0x680504): 00000000
    NV_VPLL_COEFF (0x680508): 00000000
    NV_PLL_COEFF_SELECT (0x68050c): 00000000
    NV_NVPLL_COEFF_B (0x680570: 00000000
    NV_MPLL_COEFF_B (0x680574: 00000000

    By the way:
    Architecture says "G86 A2" but the gtk tool says "NV86 A2" ??

    • Roderick Colenbrander

      NVClock seems to detect the info properly (yes, I will look into the GTK bug). What functionality are you searching for? I guess smartdimmer. The problem with is that it is vendor specific (so in your case Sony) and I'm not sure how it works on Sony geforce8 laptops. If I knew which register it used, I would add it.

    • Highwind

      Highwind - 2008-01-08

      Thanks for the quick reply.
      Yes it is smartdimmer I am looking for. Does another tool exist to dimm the screen?
      Hope someone finds the correct registers.

    • chiacchio

      chiacchio - 2008-01-15

      That would help me too. Currently I'm using a Sony laptop VAAIO VGN-SZ61MN. I hope registers are the same! Thank you anyway.

    • Andrea Fagiani

      Andrea Fagiani - 2008-01-16

      I actually own a Vaio VGN-FZ21M, equipped with a nvidia 8400M GT gpu.
      I'd love to see the smartdimmer feature implemented for the GeForce8 series,
      is there anyway I can help to figure out the register you're looking for?

      thanks for the great work!

      • David A Knight

        David A Knight - 2008-03-20

        Using RivaTuner on my Sony FZ11M (8400M GT) it doesn't appear the backlight is controlled by the GPU.

        NV_20008 changes, as does NV_20400, but these always seem to change when reading, even when the backlight hasn't been modified, and the values are not consistant at all with varying backlight levels.

        • Roderick Colenbrander

          How did you check this in RivaTuner? Did you add additional registers to it? As by default RivaTuner only monitors very few of them. I expect backlight control to work using some PWM output register. They might be close to where the geforce 8600 pwm fanspeed regs are. (I haven't checked where those are yet).

          • David A Knight

            David A Knight - 2008-03-23

            I had just used the defaults.  I've repeated the exercise adding more in a brute force approach, checked from 0 to 0x00021000 (rivatuner gets upset if I try to get it to look at large numbers at once so going in 0x1000 blocks which it seemed to be ok with)

            Is there any better approach than the above?

            • Roderick Colenbrander

              I don't know of a better method :( On WinXP nvclock would be an option but it doesn't work on Vista. Second it also has some strange issues. I have a feeling that it could be somewhere between 0xe000 and 0xf000 as around 0xe100 is the pwm fanspeed output on some cards.

    • Emil Muratov

      Emil Muratov - 2008-03-11

      Hi, folks! With my Vaio SZ670N I'd also love to see this feature in nv clock. Ready to provide any help and testing I can. 'Cause there is no other way to control LCD brightness on my laptop now. :(

      • ntetreau

        ntetreau - 2008-03-11

        Hi, I have the same problem on my Vaio SZ680 with nvidia 8400m gs.  I've read somewhere that we could feed you the registers using a windows tool perhaps.  Would you like to explain this method to us and perhaps we could help you help us?

    • tmhoogland

      tmhoogland - 2008-03-13

      Let me know if I can provide more necessary info. I also have currently no way to control the backlight. Using a SZ750n/c with nVidia Geforce 8400M GS.

    • Roderick Colenbrander

      As I mentioned before smartdimmer can be laptop specific and I have no idea where the register is. If someone can hack, you should try to identify the register on windows.

    • bistory

      bistory - 2008-04-29

      I saw this on the lastest changelog of nvidia drivers 173.08 beta :
      "Improved hotkey switching and power management support on some GeForce 8 notebooks."
      URL : http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_173.08.html

      Did anyone test them ?

      I hope...

      • David A Knight

        David A Knight - 2008-04-30

        Tried with x64 version of 173.08, still nothing, although the acpi video folder reappeared which I had lost previously, but setting the brightness value there still does nothing (vaio fz11m 8400M GT)

        • bistory

          bistory - 2008-05-01

          Ok... I've posted a message on the Nvidia forum, I think that if some people make noise, things would change :)

          (Sorry for my english ;) )

    • Highwind

      Highwind - 2008-05-05


      for those who simply want do be able to dim, try this:
      (using ACPI and writing numbers from -9 to 9 into /etc/acpi/var/brightness ). Can be set by pressing the function keys (as described on the site). Works for me also on Fedora. Really helps to save power on the airplane :-)


      • Highwind

        Highwind - 2008-05-05

        hi again,

        just read that it does not reduce power consumption. Hmm, I really thought it worked longer on my last trip.
        Well anyway, it's better for the eyes and for the neighbor if the screen is not too bright at night.


      • David A Knight

        David A Knight - 2008-05-10

        Take a closer look at what the script is doing, the only thing acpi is being used for is listening for the brightness up/down keypresses.  The brightness actually being controlled by nvidia-settings, which isn't anything to do with the backlight (as the forum post states) so you won't gain any power savings at all.

    • Claudio

      Claudio - 2008-06-04

      Hello all

      here lives a winXP driver that apparently has backlight support, is there a way to extract the register keys from there? I'm willing to do the job if I know how (Vaio VGN-FZ21E). I can go as far as installing XP on my laptop just for that.




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