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Latest release - v026

After years of inactivity,
I am proud to announce the release of v026.

This release is a drawback from the version number point of view, however,
it is made for compliance with older or less bloated systems (no 'host' is used - removing dependency on BIND tools installation, for obtaining the default gateway we now use 'route' - no need for 'iproute2' packages).

GPL copy is now included, PPTP is a GPLed package.... read more

Posted by makini 2005-11-18

v030 - no DHCP client dependancy!

This release doesn't use the DHCP client leases file to ge t the default gateway ip address! It uses the 'ip' util for that now.
This will need testing under different distributions...
Try it!

Posted by makini 2004-05-17

the v022 suppose to help with disconnections!

The v022 has a 'persist' pppd option added.
Supposedly it will make pppd try connecting again if the link fails for some nuber & period of time.
Try if this really does it...

Posted by makini 2004-01-03

update - v010 !

ver 010 is out ! see release notes !

Posted by makini 2003-12-10

First user test - success !

Just now tested the script on RH9 - user's system !
Worked perfectly !

Posted by makini 2003-12-05