I know that smo.pdf says it is a nuweb file, but this is very misleading.

The nuweb (source) file that you need would have been called smo.w; nuweb processed this to create smo.tex and smo.cc. smo.tex was then processed by pdflatex or similar to create the smo.pdf that you've downloaded.

Can you contact the author of the document to get hold of the original .w? If not, it would probably be possible to create a .w file by careful copy-and-paste from the .pdf file, but it'd be hard work.


On 5 Jun 2012, at 21:04, Himanshu Singh wrote:


I am a new user of NUWEB. I am using NUWEB 1.58 to extract C++ code from this document: read.pudn.com/downloads60/ebook/208558/smo.pdf
For that I downloaded the source. Ran "make nuweb". And then ./nuweb smo.pdf
But it is giving me this error: "nuweb: bad @ sequence (./smo.pdf, line 176)".
Please help as I need it urgent.

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