Pavel Bazanov - 2013-11-21


When using nusoap to connect to a webservice via HTTPS, curl is used as I/O method and persistent connections are not used even if useHTTPPersistentConnection() has been called in advance. The code from nusoap.php:

// persistent connection
if ($this->persistentConnection) {
    // I believe the following comment is now bogus, having applied to
    // the code when it used CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST to send the request.
    // The way we send data, we cannot use persistent connections, since
    // there will be some "junk" at the end of our request.
    //$this->setCurlOption(CURL_HTTP_VERSION_1_1, true);
    $this->persistentConnection = false;
    $this->setHeader('Connection', 'close');

Is it possible to use persistent connections with an HTTPS webservice?