xsi:nil in the SOAP message?

  • Michael Belos

    Michael Belos - 2009-02-17


    I'm connecting to a SOAP server (I presume it's in JAVA) and it keeps throwing exceptions (String index out of range: 0). I'd like to use NuSOAP to connect to the web service - how do I enable this? Currently, I can only get this working by extending the in-built SoapClient class (which I'd like to avoid).



    • Damian Gruszecki

      I have to pass NULL value in a SOAP call through PHP nuSOAP to C#. Unfotunaltely I can not find a way to do this.

      When I just do not define value it comes as a an empty value wich C# do not interpretate as a NULL. I was trying to ask what Unkle Google thigs about that but all I have found is:

      Unfortunately I do not know how to support the co-operation od nuSOAP and PHP5's SOAPClient class.

      Anyone of you, Guys, did it before? Anyone knows how to make it work?


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