dayer - 2013-08-02

Hi all,

I need to do a a lot of request to a webservice. Someone has told me that I could connect to the server and send every request through the same connection for save time and resources, but not how.

However, I don't know if NuSOAP offers this feature. The useHTTPPersistentConnection() method could be useful for this purpose if I put all the call methods in a loop? I've tried it, but with a netstat I've checked NuSOAP does several connections from different ports.


This is my basic example (without error checkings):

$connection = new nusoap_client ( 'thewsdlurl', true, false, false, false, false, 30, 60);

foreach($data as $something){
$result = $connection->call ( 'remoteFunction', $something );