Jay CHou - 2012-11-23

Dear All,

I have probelm with multiple webservices link in 1 server geting it around with Nusoap library of “nusoap.php,v 1.123” with “CI v2.0.1”

HTTP://wbeserver.com/webservice1.asmx => first login with this
HTTP://wbeserver.com/webservice2.asmx => data raw from here
HTTP://wbeserver.com/webservice3.asmx => payment process here

both webservice2 & webservice3 access need webservice1 login invoke first the will available to get data that was on browser.

how do I get around with code using Nusoap client to have session from webserviec1 also implemented on webservice2 * webservice3 so I can get data from and invoke process..

Any help wouldbe much2 appreciate Thank you iin advance..