NuSOAP server question

Dennis N
  • Dennis N

    Dennis N - 2009-02-27

    I am not understanding how to set up a NuSOAP server instance.  I have been able to use the examples of ISBN lookups, price quote look ups, etc.  All of these examples only have one, maybe two arguments in the function.  I am in need of creating a web service that will create a new user account in my application.  I am struggling with the thought of having 30 - 50 arguments in my function call.  Surely that cannot be right....  And even then, what if one of the potential arguments was unbounded in nature.  How could i hard code a function call?  Any examples of NuSOAP server code would be appreciated as I need to understand this quite quickly...


    • Aaron Kreider

      Aaron Kreider - 2009-03-06

      I'd create an object.

      Store all your arguments in the object (or several objects if you like).

      Convert the object into an array.

      Serialize the array.  Then send that.

      That's what I do for the POST array.  This allows you to add arguments in the future without having to change your function calls.


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