sean foley - 2009-06-10

My soap server does not like the xmlns="http://Think/XmlWebServices/." added to each element in the request as shown below. Can I please get information on how I can remove this from my request as it does not work with this in the request. I have been looking an searching everywhere for info on how to do this, I am really in need to move on with this application.

<login_authenticate_request xmlns="http://Think/XmlWebServices/" >
<user_login_data xmlns="http://Think/XmlWebServices/" >
<customer_identifier xmlns="http://Think/XmlWebServices/" >

the php code used to create the request is shown below

$user_login_data = array('login' => 'WUser', 'password' => 'w3bus3r');
$customer_identifier = array('customer_id' => '', 'login' => 'sean', 'password' => 'sean');

$result = $soap->call('LoginAuthenticate', array('user_login_data' => $user_login_data, 'customer_identifier' => $customer_identifier));

please give instructions on how to remove this from my requests.