polygontseng - 2009-04-06

is there file size transfer limitation by nusoap connection ??
we have problem use vtiger customer portal(soap client) download file(>2MB) from vtiger(soap server).

from soap client url like http://localhost/customerportal/index.php?downloadfile=true&fileid=4968&filename=filename&filetype=application/pdf&filesize=1025967
(filesize < 2MB) will success download "filename" from file folder.

from soap client url like http://localhost/customerportal/index.php?downloadfile=true&fileid=4967&filename=filename&filetype=application/pdf&filesize=3025967
(filesize > 2MB) will fail download "filename" from file folder.

index.php have function to  invoke nusoap connection to server.

so we wonder if there is limitation in file transfer in nusoap??