Sean Liquorish - 2009-07-15

Hi there I'm getting the following error when accessing my service from PHP via NuSoap, but not if I use ASP.NET, via a compiled site on same server or a different machine and visual studio.

Any idea why?

Below are the last 12 lines of the nusoap debug call.

10:48:20.417138 nusoap_client: got response, length=423 type=text/xml; charset=utf-8
10:48:20.417346 nusoap_client: Entering parseResponse() for data of length 423 headers: array(10) { ["connection"]=> string(5) "close" ["date"]=> string(29) "Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:48:20 GMT" ["server"]=> string(17) "Microsoft-IIS/6.0" ["x-powered-by"]=> string(7) "ASP.NET" ["x-ua-compatible"]=> string(13) "IE=EmulateIE7" ["microsoftofficewebserver"]=> string(7) "5.0_Pub" ["x-aspnet-version"]=> string(9) "2.0.50727" ["cache-control"]=> string(18) "private, max-age=0" ["content-type"]=> string(23) "text/xml; charset=utf-8" ["content-length"]=> string(3) "423" }
10:48:20.417622 nusoap_client: Got response encoding: utf-8
10:48:20.417841 nusoap_client: Use encoding: UTF-8 when creating nusoap_parser
10:48:20.418120 nusoap_parser: Charset from HTTP Content-Type matches encoding from XML declaration
10:48:20.418326 nusoap_parser: Entering nusoap_parser(), length=423, encoding=UTF-8
10:48:20.418828 nusoap_parser: found root struct TicketClosedResponse, pos 2
10:48:20.419174 nusoap_parser: in buildVal() for TicketClosedResponse(pos 2) of type struct
10:48:20.419386 nusoap_parser: in buildVal, there are children
10:48:20.419630 nusoap_parser: in buildVal, adding Java Vector or generic compound type TicketClosedResponse
10:48:20.419853 nusoap_parser: in buildVal, return: array(1) { ["TicketClosedResult"]=> &string(48) "mscorlib:Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s" }
10:48:20.420126 nusoap_parser: parsed successfully, found root struct: 2 of name TicketClosedResponse
10:48:20.420389 nusoap_client: sent message successfully and got a(n) array return=array(1) { ["TicketClosedResult"]=> string(48) "mscorlib:Value cannot be null. Parameter name: s" }