Consuming Complex Types?

  • Dan

    Dan - 2008-08-13


    Have a question, hope someone can help!

    Can nusoap consume a web service with complex types?

    I need to consume a .net webservice whereby 2 arguments are required, the first being a complex type made up of several properties and the second argument being a string?

    Any and all help much appreciated.


    • Lei & Fang

      Lei & Fang - 2008-08-13

      I am new to nusoap. I've tried something. Using nusoap you can consume most of WebServices without considering how they were implemented, .net, java, php, ruby, etc.
      (I said "most available WebService", not all of them, because I don't know how different between different WSDL version, WS spec, etc.)

      Yes, nusoap can consume a web service with complex types, either as an argument or as a return value.

      About the question of 2 arguments(1 complexType + 1 simpleType string) issue, why don't you put them together as 1 complexType argument? It appear as 1 XMLElement inside incoming SOAP xml.  What you need to do is add another PHP function which take 1 argument and calling your existing 2-argument-function.

      I am not sure how 2 arguments can be handled here. Anyone advise?
      Hope it helps,


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