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WSDL client - set XML in call manually

  • Slagar

    Slagar - 2009-11-03

    Hi there, I can use NuSOAP for simple cases, but I'm not that well versed in it, and could use a little help on this one.

    I'm creating a WSDL client, and connecting to a java server. I can create requests just fine using $client->call('function_name', $params_array).

    The problem is, the XML I'm sending is fairly complex, and I'm having trouble creating the $params_array (where our system is set up to create the XML itself). Is there any way I can simply set the XML within SOAP:Env Body manually for the next $client->call?
    It seems like something that would be possible, but I just don't know the correct NuSOAP function/way to do it.


  • Slagar

    Slagar - 2009-11-04

    Nevermind, I worked around it.

  • vinod98

    vinod98 - 2009-11-05

    Hi, I am facing a similar problem. My nusoap based client needs to send a complex XML as parameter to a .NET based web service. Can you please tell me how you were able to do it ? I need help with how to conjure up the params array.

    Thanks a lot


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