Socket Transport

  • Lucas Peres

    Lucas Peres - 2010-03-08


    I need to connect several peers to a centralized server, whereas each peer will work  as either: server (receive requests) and clients (submit requests). The IP address and if peers are up or not, are not know by central server. Pooling peers to check if they are up don't think its feasible.

    So using a socket connection between clients & server, i'm able to know IP and if they are up (as connection binds). But i would like to use this socket as transport binding for SOAP messages.

    Could i please have any input regarding the possibility of using nuSOAP in that scenario ?



  • Scott Nichol

    Scott Nichol - 2010-04-26

    NuSOAP does not currently support this…it always opens its own sockets with fsockopen.  Adding the capability would require adding a few methods to (1) allow you to hand a soap_transport_http your socket and (2) allow you to hand that soap_transport_http to a nusoap_client.  The required coding is not *too* hard, but would take some time.


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