.Net, IIS6 and '307' responses

  • Paul Barker

    Paul Barker - 2010-11-23


    Has anyone else come across '307' responses from a .Net service on IIS6?

    I'm using NuSOAP 0.9.4 and I switched to using cURL so it follows redirects, etc. when getting the WSDL but cURL actually comes back with two headers: a '307' (temporary redirect) followed by a '200' (the OK).

    This causes NuSOAP to raise 'unrecognised response code' errors.

    I found the solution was to add 'HTTP/1.1 307' to the list in the isSkippableHeader() function.

    Can anyone advise whether that's a legitimate solution?



  • Scott Nichol

    Scott Nichol - 2011-01-13

    I am making this change to my working copy.


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