Anonymous - 2011-12-21

Where is the support for soap 1.2? Why can I not set the content-type explicitly using setHeaders? Obviously if I am explicitly setting something then I know more than the client does, why stop me from doing that?

My boss is making me make our .Net service work with PHP and it has been the most frustrating thing ever. Java? Got it working in minutes. DotNet? Got it working in minutes. PHP? FORGET ABOUT IT!

Trying to implement message level security with username/password authentication.
I need support for soap 1.2 for wsHttpBinding with a certificate to encrypt the message level communication.
This is all documented clearly in the ws-security specs. Yet SoapClient and NuSoap both fail to do anything about it.

Whats the deal, how can this go unimplemented? This is standard security.