Problems with NuSoap an Linked WSDL-Documents

  • Frank Kirchner

    Frank Kirchner - 2003-08-28

    Hello together,

    we are using the NuSoap class to interpret (nested) WSDL-documents and send xml request to a server.
    During our development we found some major Bugs in the class and I'd like to report them back to the community and the devolopers, so that the fixes may be included in the CVs.

    There are many notice-output bugs but they don't affect working so much and I leave them untouched in this posting.

    We had problems getting the WDSL parsed with the official published version "". As better base I connected to the sourceforge-cvs-system and downloaded the newest beta-version.

    A major bug is that the if in a imported wsdl-document another one is imported, the class ignores it because the array of imports will be actualized while execution/parsing and the loop throug the array is executed with foreach. Foreach generates a copy of the array, therefore the later imports will not be looped through. at

    Another Major Bug was the generation of namespaces prefixes. The prefixes which were used for namesspaces in the first wsdl were were reused for different namespaces in the included wsdl files. This led to prefix collisions, which now should be handled better by the parser.

    I put the revised edition version on the web for you to download. If there are another bugs, may be in our update I'd like to hear about them.

    The URL:

    thank you!

    • Saroj Rajbhandari

      hi i'm new to WSDL system and i'm trying to use nusoap in php so anyone can help me how to use the nusoap and how to connect thje other wsdl system.

      waiting for your replies.

      thank you.


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