Luca Gobbo - 2008-03-27

sorry for my sintax and my language,
I've found a little but important bug in nusoap.php ver $Id: nusoap.php,v 1.114 2007/11/06 15:17:46 snichol Exp $
In line 4087 and 4088 there is:
            if (isset($opData['output']['encodingStyle'])) {
                $encodingStyle = $opData['output']['encodingStyle'];

The variable $opData not exist... $this->opData exist!

Correct line is
            if (isset($this->opData['output']['encodingStyle'])) {
                $encodingStyle = $this->opData['output']['encodingStyle'];

Also in line 678 of class.soap_server.php there is the same error